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Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Insurance

Broadcast Live May 18 - 19, 2021 | Now Available On-Demand

Automation - Hot Topic


As we see increased digitalization of customers and the need for insurance carriers to improve operational efficiency, are you leveraging automation to the best of its’ abilities? Are you looking to find ways to improve your underwriting and claims processes, and create cost savings? We have compiled sessions and speakers that will give you insights, ideas, and inspiration that you can start implementing tomorrow!

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Automation Sessions

Breakout Presentation - Enabling Next-Gen Analytics with Active Metadata Management

  • Does metadata hold the key to assessing enterprise data quality?
  • Useful tools for simple search, discovery, and recommendations for relevant data
  • Increase data confidence with a holistic view including lineage, relationships, and quality
  • Accelerating AI/ML projects with improved data visibility

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Panel Discussion – Delivering Finance and Risk Data Management On Time and On Budget

  • How can you bridge data silos to enable financial and actuarial transformation?
  • Providing robust governance and high data quality while working with multiple data lakes
  • Exploring the role of automation in unifying and reconciling data
Chuck Mattson


Theresa Peachey



Chuck Mattson, Senior Account Executive, Oracle Theresa Peachey, 2VP Data Management, Travelers Jyotsna Sankuratri, AVP - Head of Financial Risk Applications, Voya Financial

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Keynote Presentation – What Does ‘Digital’ Really Mean and How Does It Relate to Your Data Programs?

  • How should you be thinking about tech to improve performance?
  • How can you ensure data is accessible and easy to use by the business?
  • Designing and building onmi-channel communication strategies

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Virtual Roundtable - How Do You Create an Agile Technology Roadmap that can adapt to Changing Business Needs?

  • Which technologies best provide customer insights to enable cross-selling opportunities?
  • What will the impact be of computer vision, natural language processing and recommendation engines?
  • How can you design flexible scalability during uncertain times?

0571 - CDAO Insurance - Thomas Sowinski

Thomas Sowinski, AVP Business Applications, Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies

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Keynote Presentation – Designing a Flexible Data Architecture to Increase Business Agility

  • How to optimize your architecture for Big Data processing, real-time analytics, and real-time prediction
  • Ensuring your data storage is low cost, elastic, and reliable
  • Increasing visibility, accessibility, and high levels of automation using flexible data lakes and “lake-house” architectures
  • Where might the next disruption be coming from in insurance and how can cloud-based architectures help prepare for it?

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Breakout Presentation - How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Health Care: Prevention and Cost Reduction

  • Using AI analytics to identify the characteristics of pregnant women likely to need NICU stays and enable early care intervention strategies and programs to reduce these incidences 
  • How to design a longitudinal and diagnosis-based predictive model for optimal results
  • Helping members live healthier lives with an expanded health care model and policy adoption


Ken Ho, VP, Business Analytics Sciences Insights & Strategies, United Healthcare

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Breakout Presentation - Providing Fast and Accurate Insight to the Front Line of Insurance

  • Leveraging external data sources to automate underwriting as much as possible
  • Pre-packaging analytics to provide more intelligence for agents and claims teams
  • Opportunities for proactive benchmarking and intelligence
  • How can data and analytics functions add value in providing seamless multichannel support?

View AgendaPanel Discussion – How Can You Unleash the Value of Advanced Analytics with Effective Integration into the Business Value Chain?

  • Working with stakeholders throughout the enterprise to automate or support decision making
  • What are the consequences of models and their cycle of development across a dynamic insurance landscape?
  • How do you test and develop models to effectively formalize, structure and scale across the business?
Ashish Kohad


0691- CDAO Insurance 2021 - SPEAKERS HOME (5)



Ashish Kohad, VP Claims Analytics Implementation, Chubb Tori Pinckney, Director of Analytic Solutions, Farmers Insurance  


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Hear What Attendees Have to Say:

  • "As in every edition, the CDAO event it is the perfect place to discuss and share experiences with peers from different countries and industries. This year, even in virtual format, the experience was also very positive. The high-quality platform and live production provided of multiple options to interact with colleagues."

    Xavier Valero Gonzalez, Head of Big Data & AI, NDT Global

  • "I gained helpful insights. Hearing from other data leaders on real world topics is very compelling."

    Chad Boggan, Chief, Data Strategy Section, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

  • "As always, Corinium not only brings great speakers and engaging presentations but also manages to overcome the isolation from the COVID-19 pandemic to bring top minds together online and keeps the audience and presenters connected."

    Anthony Rivera, VP, Claims Vendor Management, Sompo International

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Learn more about this event by filling out the quick form to your right. This will sign you up for updates on CDAO Insurance Live 2021 and make sure you don't miss your chance to participate, engage and learn.