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Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Insurance Live

Broadcast Live May 18 - 19, 2021 | Now Available On-Demand

Culture & Business Foundations - Hot Topic


AI and ML can do some really cool stuff, but if you haven’t got the right foundations in place, you’re always going to fall short in terms of the value they can offer the business. How you integrate data and analytics into business systems, processes and culture will define your success. Discover best practices, ask questions, and share your own experiences with your peers. We have compiled sessions and speakers that will give you insights, ideas, and inspiration that you can start implementing tomorrow!

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Culture & Business Foundations Sessions

Keynote Presentation - COVID-19: Maximising the Impact of Data and Analytics When the Insurance Industry Needs It Most

  • Why now is the time to alter perceptions and strengthen your position as a crucial business partner?
  • How can you meet the short-term business needs without compromising long-term scalability?
  • Accelerating innovation with a fast failure/fast recovery approach
  • What data & analytics tools are having the greatest impact in insurance right now?

Joe Vellaiparambil, Chief Data Officer, Equitable

Joe Vellaiparambil, Chief Data Officer, Equitable

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Keynote Presentation – Leveraging Data Science and Analytics to Accelerate the Business Out of Covid-19 

  • Developing a business-focused and value-driven data science function
  • Managing the impact on data processing, ingestion and storage capabilities
  • Integrating multiple and diverse data sources to effectively mitigate risk and identify opportunity
  • Demonstrating the accuracy and value of data-driven insights to empower fast and intelligent decision-making

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CDO Panel Discussion – Maximising Business Impact by Understanding the “Why” When Building Your Data and Analytics Strategy

  • How are business drivers dictating what you should be focussing on?
  • Building the foundations of a robust data governance strategy across the business
  • Identifying how to extract value in the near-term and get business buy-in
  • How does cloud adoption feature within your data management roadmap?
  • Modernizing practices and technology so it can be sustained into the future 
Louis DiModugno


Don Vu


Louis DiModugno, SVP, Chief Data Officer, Hartford Steam Boiler Don Vu, Chief Data Officer, Northwestern Mutual Harbert Bernard, Global Value Consultant Lead, Profisee

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Breakout Presentation - Implementing Organizational Change Management for Data Quality and Data Governance

  • What change management methodologies are most applicable for the challenges in insurance?
  • How can you win across department lines to make change stick?
  • Ensuring executive sponsors aren’t paying ‘lip-service’ to the goals of your data program

Ryan Brubaker

Ryan Brubaker, CIO and EVP Operations, Seven Corners

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Panel Discussion – Operationalizing AI to Deliver Increased Business Value

  • Using AI and ML to sharpen your advantage in risk selection and segmentation
  • Moving beyond use cases and embedding AI capabilities into business processes
  • Running pilots and building on pockets of success to scale across the business
  • Making people accountable for AI and the insights it generates
Himanshu Arora


Nishant Upadhyay



Himanshu Arora, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts Nishant Upadhyay, Vice President, Information and Data Management, American Family Insurance Sunder Gokulanathan, VP, Enterprise Data Hub, CSAA

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Keynote Presentation – What Does ‘Digital’ Really Mean and How Does It Relate to Your Data Programs?

  • How should you be thinking about tech to improve performance?
  • How can you ensure data is accessible and easy to use by the business?
  • Designing and building onmi-channel communication strategies

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Panel Discussion - Winning the Fight against AI fatigue

  • Translating board support into funding required to deliver AI capabilities
  • Demonstrating the value of AI projects to executive leadership
  • Navigating culture and structure to deliver AI programs effectively
  • Top tips for getting business units excited about technology rollouts
Eugene Wen


Tom Warden-1


Asif Syed


Eugene Wen, Vice President, Group Advanced Analytics, Manulife Tom Warden, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Employers Insurance Group Asif Syed, VP Data Strategy, The Hartford Steam Boiler

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Breakout Presentation - Providing Fast and Accurate Insight to the Front Line of Insurance

  • Leveraging external data sources to automate underwriting as much as possible
  • Pre-packaging analytics to provide more intelligence for agents and claims teams
  • Opportunities for proactive benchmarking and intelligence
  • How can data and analytics functions add value in providing seamless multichannel support?

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Breakout Presentation - Eliminating Data Siloing and Optimizing Network Efficiency in the Cloud

  • How do you best prioritize datasets and workloads for cloud migration?
  • Using detailed lineage and impact analysis to support cloud migration with minimal disruption
  • How are approaches to analytics and modeling changing in the cloud?

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Virtual Roundtable  – Where Does the Data Function Fit Within the Organization? 

  • When should data teams be centralized and when should they sit within business units?
  • How can remote working open up new opportunities for data teams?
  • How can you encourage forward-thinking in relation to life company management?
  • How heavily should business acumen feature when recruiting data scientists?
Tracy McDonagh


Daniel Gremmell


Christine Greenleaf


Tracy McDonagh, AVP Life Data Strategy, Amica Life Insurance Company Daniel Gremmell, Head of Data, Policygenius Christine Greenleaf, Director of Underwriting Analytics, Brighthouse Financial


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Hear What Attendees Have to Say:

  • "As in every edition, the CDAO event it is the perfect place to discuss and share experiences with peers from different countries and industries. This year, even in virtual format, the experience was also very positive. The high-quality platform and live production provided of multiple options to interact with colleagues."

    Xavier Valero Gonzalez, Head of Big Data & AI, NDT Global

  • "I gained helpful insights. Hearing from other data leaders on real world topics is very compelling."

    Chad Boggan, Chief, Data Strategy Section, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

  • "As always, Corinium not only brings great speakers and engaging presentations but also manages to overcome the isolation from the COVID-19 pandemic to bring top minds together online and keeps the audience and presenters connected."

    Anthony Rivera, VP, Claims Vendor Management, Sompo International

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Learn more about this event by filling out the quick form to your right. This will sign you up for updates on CDAO Insurance Live 2021 and make sure you don't miss your chance to participate, engage and learn.