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Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Insurance Live

May 18-19, 2021: Executing Data Transformation Strategy for Maximum Business Impact
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Where Senior Data & Analytics Professionals in Insurance Come Together

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CDAO Insurance Live 2021 is a fully virtual event designed for senior data analytics executives across all insurance verticals. The program features the most relevant topics in insurance today presented by the brightest leaders. The event is built to allow for idea sharing and interactive conversation amongst peers – all from the comfort of your home office. This allows the opportunity for “face to face” networking and discussion that’s so often missing in the world of virtual events.

CDAO Insurance, now in its 6th year, with a fully immersive and collaborative live format that will ensure you maximize your time to network with the best of your peers and deep dive into the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

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WHY CDAO Insurance Live 2021?


Hundreds of Live Attendees

Network with Senior Decision Makers From Across North America from all sectors of Insurance


30+ Expert Speakers

Learn From Those At The Forefront Of D&A Strategy in Insurance


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Cutting Edge Exhibitors

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On-Demand Sessions

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Outstanding Industry Expert Speakers

0571 - CDAO Insurance - Tracy McDonagh

Tracy McDonagh
AVP Life Data Strategy
Amica Insurance


Himanshu Arora

Himanshu Arora
 Chief Data and Analytics Officer
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts




0691- CDAO Insurance 2021 - SPEAKERS HOME (11)

Jyotsna Sankuratri
AVP - Head of Financial Risk Applications
Voya Financial


Nishant Upadhyay

Nishant Upadhayay
AVP, Business Intelligence and Analytics
American Family Insurance

0691- CDAO Insurance 2021 - SPEAKERS HOME (8)

Louis DiModugno
Chief Data Officer
HSB - a MunichRe Company


Ashish Kohad

Ashish Kohad
VP Claims Analytics Implementation


Christine Greenleaf

Christine Greenleaf
Director of Underwriting Analytics
Brighthouse Financial


Ryan Brubaker

Ryan Brubaker
CIO and EVP Operations
Seven Corners


Theresa Peachey

Theresa Peachey
2nd VP Data Management


Don Vu

Don Vu
Chief Data Officer
Northwestern Mutual


0691- CDAO Insurance 2021 - SPEAKERS HOME (10)

Joe Vellaiparambil
Chief Data Officer
Axa Equitable


0691- CDAO Insurance 2021 - SPEAKERS HOME (12)

Satish Padiyar
Divisional Vice President, Data & Analytics Solutions


Allen Thompson

Allen Thompson
VP, Data & Analytics

The Hanover Insurance Group

0571 - CDAO Insurance - Tom Warden

Tom Warden
Chief Data & Analytics Officer

0571 - CDAO Insurance - Eugene Wen

Eugene Wen
VP Global Advanced Analytics
Manulife Financial


Ajaz Akhtar

Ajaz Akhtar
Vice President - Chief Data & Analytics Officer
Utica National Insurance Group


Executives from the World’s Biggest Insurers Attending


0571 - CDAO Insurance Attendees


Download Sample Attendee List

Hear What Attendees Have to Say:

  • "As in every edition, the CDAO event it is the perfect place to discuss and share experiences with peers from different countries and industries. This year, even in virtual format, the experience was also very positive. The high-quality platform and live production provided of multiple options to interact with colleagues."

    Xavier Valero Gonzalez, Head of Big Data & AI, NDT Global

  • "I gained helpful insights. Hearing from other data leaders on real world topics is very compelling."

    Chad Boggan, Chief, Data Strategy Section, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

  • "As always, Corinium not only brings great speakers and engaging presentations but also manages to overcome the isolation from the COVID-19 pandemic to bring top minds together online and keeps the audience and presenters connected."

    Anthony Rivera, VP, Claims Vendor Management, Sompo International


9:00 - 9:30 am EST

Keynote Presentation - COVID-19: Maximizing the Impact of Data and Analytics When the Insurance Industry Needs It Most

  • Why now is the time to alter perceptions and strengthen your position as a crucial business partner?
  • How can you meet the short-term business needs without compromising long-term scalability?
  • Accelerating innovation with a fast failure / fast recovery approach
  • What data & analytics tools are having the greatest impact in insurance right now?

Joe Vellaiparambil, Chief Data Officer, Equitable

9:30 - 10:00 am EST

Fireside Chat - Generating Real Business Value with AI 

Ulysses David, Vice President of Customer Success & Implementation, Dataiku

Satish Padiyar, Divisional Vice President, Data & Analytics Solutions, HCSC


10:00 - 10:45 am EST

CDO Panel Discussion – Maximizing Business Impact by Understanding the “Why” When Building Your Data and Analytics Strategy

  • How are business drivers dictating what you should be focussing on?
  • Building the foundations of a robust data governance strategy across the business
  • Identifying how to extract value in the near-term and get business buy-in
  • How does cloud adoption feature within your data management roadmap?
  • Modernizing practices and technology so it can be sustained into the future 

Moderator: Harbert Bernard, Global Value Consultant Lead, Profisee

Don Vu, Chief Data Officer, Northwestern Mutual

Louis DiModugno, SVP, Chief Data Officer, HSB - a MunichRe Company

Yorck Einhaus, SVP, Chief Data Officer, Farmers Insurance

10:45 - 11:15 am EST

Networking Break


11:15 - 11:45 am EST


Breakout Presentation – Designing a Data Analytics Operating Model for Maximum Business Impact

  • Considering modelling as an input-throughput-output process
  • Maintaining data ethics with effective model monitoring
  • How should propensity modelling feature as part of a wider analytics strategy?
  • Understanding how the accuracy of your model changes over time

Emigdio Zambada, EVP, Advanced Analytics, Nationwide

Breakout Presentation - Implementing Organizational Change Management for Data Quality and Data Governance

  • What change management methodologies are most applicable for the challenges in insurance?
  • How can you win across department lines to make change stick?
  • Ensuring executive sponsors aren’t paying ‘lip-service’ to the goals of your data program

Ryan Brubaker, CIO and EVP Operations, Seven Corners



11:45 - 12:15 pm EST


Breakout Presentation - Enabling Next-Gen Analytics with Active Metadata Management

  • Does metadata hold the key to assessing enterprise data quality?
  • Useful tools for simple search, discovery, and recommendations for relevant data
  • Increase data confidence with a holistic view including lineage, relationships, and quality
  • Accelerating AI/ML projects with improved data visibility

Breakout Presentation -Establishing the Policies, Processes, and Practices to Make Data Democratization a Reality

  • How do data and analytics fit within a wider IT framework?
  • Understanding the different personas who need to access the data
  • Democratizing data in neutral, secure, scalable environments so the business can dig in to address their biggest challenges


12:15 - 1:00pm EST

Panel Discussion – Delivering Finance and Risk Data Management On Time and On Budget

    • How can you bridge data silos to enable financial and actuarial transformation?
    • Providing robust governance and high data quality while working with multiple data lakes
    • Exploring the role of automation in unifying and reconciling data

Moderator: Chuck Mattson, Senior Account Executive, Oracle

Theresa Peachey, 2VP Data Management, Travelers

Jyotsna Sankuratri, AVP - Head of Financial Risk Applications, Voya Financial

Jennifer Norr, VP Consumer Data, CUNA Mutual

1:00 - 1:30 pm EST

Networking Break


1:30 - 2:15 pm EST

Panel Discussion – Operationalizing AI For Data Management & Governance to Deliver Increased Business Value

AI and ML is transforming the insurance industry from combating fraud to improving customer experience. What does it take to ensure these investments deliver business value? What is the role and benefit of AI/ML for traditional data management and data governance functions?

Moderator: Peter Ku, Vice president and Chief Financial Services Strategist, Informatica

Nishant Upadhyay, Vice President, Information and Data Management, American Family Insurance

Sunder Gokulanathan, VP, Enterprise Data Hub, CSAA

Heather Wentworth, Chief Data Officer, Accelerant Holdings

2:15 - 2:45 pm EST

Keynote Presentation - Reducing the Risk of Data Breaches to Retain Customers, Maintain Profitability, and Protect Executive Careers

  • Strategies to minimize risk exposure and increase compliance transparency
  • How does the shift to home working impact the balance of data access vs need to control?
  • Conducting robust risk assessments in real-time
  • How cloud-hosted payments solutions can strengthen data security

2:45 - 3:15 pm EST

Networking Break



3:15 - 3:45 pm EST

Keynote Presentation – What Does ‘Digital’ Really Mean and How Does It Relate to Your Data Programs?

  • How should you be thinking about tech to improve performance?
  • How can you ensure data is accessible and easy to use by the business?
  • Designing and building onmi-channel communication strategies


3:45 - 4:30 pm EST


Virtual Roundtable  - How Can You Best Create a Data Governance Framework That Facilitates Innovation?

  • Data governance and innovation are not mutually exclusive: what are the best ways to build a structure that minimizes disruption?
  • How can you most effectively integrate good governance when modernising your platforms?
  • How are business attitudes influencing your approach to ethics?

Manzoor Mohideen, AVP, Data Management, Pacific Life

Julia Romero, Lead for Actuarial Engineering and Advance Modeling, Haven Life

Ken Leibow, CEO, Insurtech Express

Virtual Roundtable - How Do You Create an Agile Technology Roadmap that can Adapt to Changing Consumer Behaviours?

  • How can you capitalize on the data you have to find the best product match for the consumer?
  • Which technologies best provide customer insights to enable cross-selling opportunities?
  • What will the impact be of computer vision, natural language processing and recommendation engines?
  • How are you using data to improve customer experience and engagement?

Thomas Sowinski, VP of Solution Delivery, Farm Credit Services of America

Meetesh Karia, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Data Officer, The Zebra

Todd Lehmann, Vice President & Chief Actuary, Quincy Mutual


4:30 pm EST 

End of Day One

9:00 - 9:30 am EST

Keynote Presentation - Building an Effective Data Governance Framework for Insurance 

  • Effective standardization of policies and procedures across the business
  • How to implement a comprehensive strategy for enterprise data governance and usage of third party data 
  • Business buy-in: Should we be using the carrot, the stick, or something else? 

 Allen Thompson, VP Data & Analytics, The Hanover Insurance Group


9:30 - 10:00 am EST

Keynote Presentation – Designing a Flexible Data Architecture to Increase Business Agility

  • How to optimize your architecture for Big Data processing, real-time analytics, and real-time prediction
  • Ensuring your data storage is low cost, elastic, and reliable
  • Increasing visibility, accessibility, and high levels of automation using flexible data lakes and “lake-house” architectures
  • Where might the next disruption be coming from in insurance and how can cloud-based architectures help prepare for it?


10:00 - 10:45 am EST

Panel Discussion - Winning the Fight against AI fatigue

  • Translating board support into funding required to deliver AI capabilities
  • Demonstrating the value of AI projects to executive leadership
  • Navigating culture and structure to deliver AI programs effectively
  • Top tips for getting business units excited about technology rollouts

Moderator: Paul Moxon, SVP Data Architecture & Chief Evangelist, Denodo

Eugene Wen, Vice President, Group Advanced Analytics, Manulife

Asif Syed, VP Data Strategy, HSB - a MunichRe Company

Tom Fletcher, VP Data Analytics,  PartnerRe


10:45 - 11:15 am EST

Networking Break


11:15 - 11:45 am EST

Keynote Presentation – Modernizing your Data Operations: How to Build your Enterprise Data Hub

  • Staying within the scope of your data strategy as the business environment changes
  • Switching gears from use cases to building foundations for scalability
  • Decommissioning legacy infrastructures while adding value to the business

 Ajaz Akhtar, Vice President - Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Utica National Insurance Group  


11:45 - 12:15 pm EST

Keynote Presentation - How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Health Care: Prevention and Cost Reduction

  • Using AI analytics to identify the characteristics of pregnant women likely to need NICU stays and enable early care intervention strategies and programs to reduce these incidences
  • How to design a longitudinal and diagnosis-based predictive model for optimal results
  • Helping members live healthier lives with an expanded health care model and policy adoption

 Ken Ho, VP, Business Analytics Sciences Insights & Strategies, United Healthcare

12:15 - 12:45 pm EST

Networking Break


12:45 - 1:30 pm EST

Panel Discussion – How Can You Unleash the Value of Advanced Analytics with Effective Integration into the Business Value Chain?

  • Working with stakeholders throughout the enterprise to automate or support decision making
  • What are the consequences of models and their cycle of development across a dynamic insurance landscape?
  • How do you test and develop models to effectively formalise, structure and scale across the business?

Moderator: Bhaskar Kalita, Global Head - Financial Services and Insurance, Quantiphi

Ashish Kohad, VP Claims Analytics Implementation, Chubb

Todd Lehmann, Vice President & Chief Actuary, Quincy Mutual

Tom Marlow, Head of Data Strategy & Transformation, Farmers Insurance

Tom Warden, Former Chief Data & Analytics Officer, EMPLOYERS

1:30 - 2:15 pm EST


Virtual Roundtable – How Can Data & Analytics Help Detect Fraud as Seamlessly in the Business Cycle as Possible?  

  • What are the most effective tools for protecting against insurance fraud in the pandemic and beyond?
  • How can you ramp up fraud analytics and fraud detection to better understand causality?
  • How do you determine scope of exposure when scoring risk during the pandemic?
  • How can you effectively model past behaviours for fraud predictions against ever changing criminal practices?

Orvie Soluren, Manager of Business Applications, Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies

Virtual Roundtable  – Where Does the Data Function Fit Within the Organization? 

  • When should data teams be centralized and when should they sit within business units?
  • How can remote working open up new opportunities for data teams?
  • How can you encourage forward thinking in relation to life company management?
  • How heavily should business acumen feature when recruiting data scientists?


Tracy McDonagh, AVP Life Data Strategy, Amica Life Insurance Company

Daniel Gremmell, Head of Data, Policygenius

Christine Greenleaf, Director of Underwriting Analytics, Brighthouse Financial


2:15 PM EST

End of Day Two


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